Who’s on first for smaller nonprofits who need more fundraising dollars? “Join together”

By Allan Vargas

Most of us don’t have a major donor who funds everything we need. So there has to be another way. Successful fundraisers know that unless they have a mega donor at their disposal they may have issues in raising sustainable funds, there are normally three steps in raising sustainable funds. Welcome to the three-legged stool.

Professional fundraisers know that we must first….Tell Compelling Stories…if we hope to…Create Meaningful Relationships…that can lead us to…Securing Significant Resources. To understand this better, let’s work the equation backwards.

Typically, 90% of the funds in a fundraising campaign come from 10% or less of the donors. To reach a critical mass of the wealthiest donors to fund the campaign, we need a bigger pool of donors to find not only the wealthy individuals/corporations, but to identify wealthy individuals/corporations who we have a great relationship with the nonprofit cause. Unless there is a meaningful relationship, that is result of hard work including focusing on these donors, we will fall short of our goals.

So, we will need a bigger pool of good relationships to draw a suitable number of committed donors. What if we don’t have a large pool of people who have good relationships with the nonprofit? What if our pool is small and hasn’t grown much over the last several years? Is there hope for the nonprofit? Who should we turn to is the answer!?!

So, what is the answer? Back in 1972, the rock band The Who, released the single “Join Together”. Who knew they had the answer for nonprofits today by joining together? Join us. For more information on the Who, go to YouTube and listen to the song. For more information as to how your nonprofit might join together and develop an effective cause marketing strategy, contact us. “Come on and join together with the band.”

The TRIPOD Marketing Team is uniquely positioned to help nonprofits and corporate interests come together for a common good. Our years of experience in marketing and making visions a reality, can help connect corporate interests with the right nonprofit at the right time with the right message.

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