We execute effective and turnkey experiential and digital campaigns
which can be developed and executed in both the General
and US Hispanic Markets

Research / Insight

Research is the foundation for creating a customized experience for your consumers.  We gain insight to your consumer's motivation by evaluating research, marketing plans and their results in relationship to your brand.

Strategy / Tactics

We build upon our insight to design a tailor-made strategy for your brand.

We identify the roadmap to brand use and loyalty.

Execution / Results

Then, we research and execute experiences that connect the brand to your consumer and build that relationship.

We evaluate what was done right and incorporate that into our future executions.


Business Consulting

TRIPOD CONSULTING focuses on opportunities to enhance value to your company. We focus on two separate consulting disciplines:

Management and strategy. We have a deep understanding of of the CPG industry and bring the best practices from your industry (or even other industries) to your company.

Marketing. If you need a new logo for your company, a new market position, or a new social media strategy to interact with your customers, we can help


Large Events

Are you ready for the big time? We will visualize, plan, and execute the type of event your brand needs from concert to festival or street fair.

Mobile Tours

The mobile tour is the heart of the consumer experience. We design on-the-road consumer experiences that educate and entertain while communicating your brand’s deepest values.

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Sampling Campaigns

Creative sampling campaigns will put your product in the right hands and create top of mind awareness.

Digital Services

Our digital solutions are planned out with a working strategy in mind. These strategies address the balance between best digital practices and your goals.

Digital Services

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

We are well versed in the buyer’s journey and what it takes to attract, not interrupt your consumers brand experience.

Social Media

To ensure online success, we will build your social media audience and ensure a fluid brand experience across all channels.


International Marketing

For clients with international operations we have developed sound marketing communication strategies that have helped them increase sales.

Content Marketing

In today’s world content is king. We provide copy that will attract and convert your target audience.


Analysis & Evaluation

We will provide you with actionable analytics before, during, and after the campaign in order to track progress and evaluate your path to success.

B2B Events

These events are not just for networking; they are for growing your business and engaging partners and consumers alike.

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Cause Marketing

83% of Americans over the age of 18 wished that more of the products, services and retailers they use would support causes. We can develop the strategy and tactics to help you successfully execute a long-lasting Cause Marketing Program leading to increased sales and loyalty.

US Hispanic Marketing

We believe the US Hispanic Market includes all Hispanics regardless of language abilities. In other words, we focus on all segments of the market: English-speakers, Bilinguals and Spanish-speakers. [being hispanic is a culture not a language]


Let's work together

We are developers of effective experiences.  Whatever your needs or ideas may be, we'll get them done!