Experiential events – the right team

By Allan Vargas

Over vacation I took the opportunity to reflect on TRIPOD Marketing and the reason we do well. The first thing I realized was that I owed a lot to the Marine Corps and the privilege of being an Officer of Marines. From the Marines I learned the importance of Selection/Organization, Training, Execution and Taking Care of Our People.

Selection is perhaps the most important element as you pick the right people for the team. Each candidate is personally interviewed prior to being selected. Once selected you organize them in such a way that each member of the team has a unique role that they play as a member of that team. In addition, each member is cross trained to be able to execute the duties of every other member of the team. Each team reports to a Team Leader. Three to four Team Leads work with a Market coordinator

In the training phase our new employee learns TRIPOD Marketing values and what is expected from each individual. In addition, each individual learns about our clients their product line and how to present our clients product line to the public. All new employees will be assigned to work with an experienced employee for the first event. All teams have training on any upcoming event 3 to 4 days prior to the event via GTM.

The most critical part of the training is the execution. Every team member must understand their individual role in executing the event and the role of the next team member in case they have to execute that position. We keep our mission objective concise and logical so that each team member can execute and take pride in their contribution. Prior to the start of each event there is a team meeting to discuss the objectives for the event as well as safety.

Taking Care of Our People
We see this to include:
-Respecting their work
-Insure that they work within the norms established by TRIPOD Marketing.
-Being paid on time without fail.

Our people make the machinery work. We have the privilege of leading them.

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